Zuger Zeitung
Es braucht Durchhaltevermögen / It takes stamina and grit
Portrait in Neue Zuger Zeitung, 7.June 2016

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Conqest of the Universe or When Queens Collide – La Mama, directed by Everett Quinton

An exceptionally lavish production…the cast seems to be having a high old time.”

- New York Times, Ben Brantley

Standout moments are provided by Géraldine Dulex as the insatiable Queen of Venus”

- Broadway World, Michael Dale

Géraldine Dulex is titillating as Venus.”

- More Than the Play, Domenick Danza



minnaMinna – Trap Door Theatre

Géraldine Dulex … plays the title role with plenty of spark”

- Chicago Tribune, Chris Jones

Géraldine Dulex’s steely Minna and Carl Wisniewski as the major’s weasely servant stand out especially—”

- New City, Monica Westin



1913 or Nude Descending a Staircase – Strings Attached at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“Innovative in its presentation and with an impassioned and brittle performance by Géraldine Dulex as the Countess”

- The Scotsman, Susan Mansfield



Robin Hood of Barnsdale Wood – Theatre-Hikes

Some of the show’s funniest moments come when Géraldine Dulex’s headstrong Lady Marian disguises herself as a young page”

- Chicago Reader (Reader Recommended), Marissa Oberlander



Smartphones – Trap Door Theatre

Ms. Dulex’ facial expressions could single-handedly drive the show”

- Stage and Cinema, Paul Kubicki

Geraldine Dulex is a perfectly flirtatious minx as Amelia.”

- Chicago Stage Review, Venus Zarris



A Memory of Two Mondays – Eclipse Theatre

Beautiful acting by Steven Fedoruk’s 14-member ensemble, each of whom gives a pitch-perfect performance

- Chicago Reader (Reader Recommended), Albert Williams



OVERWEIGHT, unimportant: MISSHAPE – Trap Door Theatre

A rather beautiful young couple (the lovely actors Géraldine Dulex and David A. Holcombe) look sweetly into each other’s eyes and kiss with a kind of demur passion

- Chicago Tribune (***), Chris Jones

Géraldine Dulex and David A. Holcombe are perfectly bourgeois and attractively out of place

- Chicago Stage Review (Highly Recommended), Venus Zarris



Dead Man’s Cell Phone – Steppenwolf Theatre Company

“A non musical being choreographed is rare indeed, but each scene change is in fact a work of art through great movement…”

- Epoch Times, Alan Bresloff



The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant – Trap Door Theatre  (After Dark Award)

… and Géraldine Dulex’s Gabriele, Petra’s daughter, are excellent… This is not only one of the most intelligent casts I’ve ever seen but also perhaps the most subversively funny”

- Gay Chicago Magazine (****), Venus Zarris

Finally, there’s Petra’s adolescent-ripe teenage daughter, Gabriele (Géraldine Dulex)… No matter how crazy-in-love the women of Petra become, they look fabulous…”

- Windy City Times (Critic’s Choice), Catey Sullivan



Bus Stop – ECC Theatre

“Old “Bus Stop” gets a fresh new look… And the actor playing the young waitress (Géraldine Dulex) has enough spunk to jump-start a car.”

- Janus Theatre Company




Garden of Delights – New Stage Theatre

A triumphant sheep-dance… the animals are all strong”

- nytheatre.com, Ed Malin

Nemeth’s insightful and precise direction elicit from the actors dynamic and nuanced performances.”

- Stage and Cinema, Dmitry Zvonkov



The Censor -Ebb and Flow Theatre  (2010 Orgie Theatre Award)

Creates disturbing intrigue… It’s a singular theatrical experience.”

- The Reader (Reader Recommended), Justin Hayford



FAWN (a one-woman show by Géraldine Dulex) – Strings Attached at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“This unususal show is visually stunning… it’s tied together at the end in a beautiful scene… this thought
provoking monologue will [help] remind yourself, that being alive is more than just breathing and eating.”

- Three Weeks, Gemma Scott