Zuger Zeitung
Es braucht Durchhaltevermögen / It takes stamina and grit
Portrait in Neue Zuger Zeitung, 7.June 2016

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minnaMinna – Trap Door Theatre

Géraldine Dulex … plays the title role with plenty of spark”

- Chicago Tribune, Chris Jones

Géraldine Dulex’s steely Minna and Carl Wisniewski as the major’s weasely servant stand out especially—”

- New City, Monica Westin



Smartphones – Trap Door Theatre

Ms. Dulex’ facial expressions could single-handedly drive the show”

- Stage and Cinema, Paul Kubicki

Geraldine Dulex is a perfectly flirtatious minx as Amelia.”

- Chicago Stage Review, Venus Zarris




Garden of Delights – New Stage Theatre

A triumphant sheep-dance… the animals are all strong”

- nytheatre.com, Ed Malin

Nemeth’s insightful and precise direction elicit from the actors dynamic and nuanced performances.”

- Stage and Cinema, Dmitry Zvonkov



OVERWEIGHT, unimportant: MISSHAPE – Trap Door Theatre

A rather beautiful young couple (the lovely actors Géraldine Dulex and David A. Holcombe) look sweetly into each other’s eyes and kiss with a kind of demur passion

- Chicago Tribune (***), Chris Jones

Géraldine Dulex and David A. Holcombe are perfectly bourgeois and attractively out of place

- Chicago Stage Review (Highly Recommended), Venus Zarris



Robin Hood of Barnsdale Wood – Theatre-Hikes

Some of the show’s funniest moments come when Géraldine Dulex’s headstrong Lady Marian disguises herself as a young page”

- Chicago Reader (Reader Recommended), Marissa Oberlander



A Memory of Two Mondays – Eclipse Theatre

Beautiful acting by Steven Fedoruk’s 14-member ensemble, each of whom gives a pitch-perfect performance

- Chicago Reader (Reader Recommended), Albert Williams



The Censor -Ebb and Flow Theatre  (2010 Orgie Theatre Award)

Creates disturbing intrigue… It’s a singular theatrical experience.”

- The Reader (Reader Recommended), Justin Hayford



The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant – Trap Door Theatre  (After Dark Award)

… and Géraldine Dulex’s Gabriele, Petra’s daughter, are excellent… This is not only one of the most intelligent casts I’ve ever seen but also perhaps the most subversively funny”

- Gay Chicago Magazine (****), Venus Zarris

Finally, there’s Petra’s adolescent-ripe teenage daughter, Gabriele (Géraldine Dulex)… No matter how crazy-in-love the women of Petra become, they look fabulous…”

- Windy City Times (Critic’s Choice), Catey Sullivan



FAWN (a one-woman show by Géraldine Dulex) – Strings Attached at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“This unususal show is visually stunning… it’s tied together at the end in a beautiful scene… this thought
provoking monologue will [help] remind yourself, that being alive is more than just breathing and eating.”

- Three Weeks, Gemma Scott




1913 or Nude Descending a Staircase – Strings Attached at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“Intriguing piece of theatre explores the Countess’s story… innovative in its presentation and with an
impassioned and brittle performance by Géraldine Dulex as the Countess”

- The Scotsman, Susan Mansfield




Bus Stop – ECC Theatre

“Old “Bus Stop” gets a fresh new look… And the actor playing the young waitress (Géraldine Dulex) has
enough spunk to jump-start a car.”

- Janus Theatre Company



Dead Man’s Cell Phone – Steppenwolf Theatre Company

“A non musical being choreographed is rare indeed, but each scene change is in fact a work of art
through great movement…”

- Epoch Times, Alan Bresloff